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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Damon's Facial

So this past Wednesday I had my scheduled facial at Misbehaven Spa and Salon, which most men (and women) would think is really not a “men’s service” at all. But you, of course, would be wrong if you thought that. Now, I am going to preface this all with the statement that this was not my first facial. Think what you want but my wife insisted that before we got married I needed to “try it” once, if nothing else to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes for pictures (can’t have you looking like you just worked 18 hours on set). So although I do not consider myself an “expert”, I do consider myself pretty well versed in a good facial. What to and what not to do. Like everything else in the world it comes down to the details. How closely does someone pay attention to the little things that can make a good experience, a great one. Misbehaven is known, as I have mentioned previously, for its attention to the details. They go that extra step of putting themselves into the customers shoes and see what it is like from the other side of the table. 
So my session began with Kael much the same way that most of these have gone. Semi lit room, massage table, mood music and the gentle sound of the fan humming along quietly. Usually with a massage I don’t like conversation, I think that a massage is about the relaxation not about knowing what your masseuse is doing. However, with a facial, I usually prefer to know what it is that they are doing, so I can follow along and take notes on what products I like/don’t like on my skin (sorry ladies, I have a sensitive grille). Kael was all business, not that that is a bad thing and I think that most people who come in for a facial are there to relax too. Just my personal preference. 
On the plus side, it made for a very relaxing facial and involved very little thinking on my part, which is a luxury for me and something I quite enjoy (not thinking). What I did notice is that she was very precise and very conscious of her movements, making sure to work the cleansers and other ointments in the same way, so that there was not anything jarring about the experience. Sometimes during a facial, the esthetician will goop your mug up one way several times and then switch it up with another way later which can be a bit jarring if you aren’t ready for it. Call it a mood killer. Kael was very precise and exacting in her routine. 
At the end, I was again disappointed that it ended so quickly, but did enjoy the neck and shoulder massage very much and my face looked much better, the dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep (thanks to my 4 yr old), gone. So, you have to ask yourself this one question, do you need a re-do on your mood, your outlook and/or your appearance? If so then a facial might just be the thing you need. Now, I know that all of you men are thinking that is “sissy stuff”, well the results speak for themselves and believe me, I thought the same way as you do, but learned the error of my ways. Trust me, you’ll love it. If nothing else it will take away some stress, some acne and those dark circles under your eyes, and let’s face it the ladies love a baby soft grille. . . . cheers.

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