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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Damon's 1/2 hour Deep Tissue Massage

So on Wednesday April 11, I had my second appointment with Margo at Misbehaven Spa and Salon. While I thought this was going to be an hour long deep tissue, I was mistaken and it was a ½ hr session, my mistake. Having said that the experience was still fantastic.

Now I have been getting massages for almost 20years and they are usually sports massage or deep tissue so I am familiar with the process. What I enjoy about Misbehaven’s treatments is that they are aware of the client and work to make sure that the client is relaxed and enjoying the experience without constantly asking how you are enjoying the experience. This is a difficult thing to learn and to teach. There is a fine line that must be walked between being aloof and being annoying. I think it speaks volumes about the quality of the business and its staff that they can seamlessly make you feel at ease and be attentive.
What you first notice when you step in to the treatment rooms, is that you are probably not noticing anything. There is a small fan/heater that is running, blowing in warm air, but softly and hardly noticeable except for the soft whoosh of air coming from it. There is music, barely audible but there in the back ground taking away any awkwardness that would come from total silence. The room is lit well, not too bright, not to dim so that your eyes can adjust to the darkness properly. There are no strong smells of perfumes or oils or worse, patchouli, (God bless them for that). Again, someone has paid close attention to the details here without making it obvious to everyone.
A deep tissue massage is not for everyone. There is some actual stress that is induced in the muscles to help relieve tension and tightness. And let’s face it sometimes, they can be painful, uncomfortably so. I have had a few in the past that have left me feeling like I have just been visited by the Spanish Inquisition (nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!), seriously. Happy to report that Margo, once again has delivered a great massage without the pain. Now, do not think for a minute that she took it easy on me, she did not. Margo was able to find some kinks and knots in my shoulders and get them removed. She has strong hands but a gentle touch so that there is no discomfort but all of the muscles are worked through and free of knots at the end of the session. Even, a half hour session.
I think my only disappointment from this session was that it was only a half hour. As I stated before, I was thinking that this was going to be a full hour and was enjoying it so much that when she said we were done, I was really hoping that we still had another half hour. A good massage should leave you feeling like you have just had a nap and a workout all at once, this one did not let me down. My muscles were supple but felt worked. I felt tired and energized all at once. And I was given a cool glass of water upon my exit from the treatment room, thank you very much.
If you are feeling a little tight or stressed, my recommendation is schedule yourself a massage. Sometimes all you need is a little time away from the day to decompress and work out the knots and kinks. It will do wonders for your body and for your outlook on the rest of your week. Cheers.

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